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trying to stay on top of pictures for once! coffeeshoppin,…

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trying to stay on top of pictures for once! coffeeshoppin, madison zine fest, dinner in milwaukee, a sunday hang with daniel, and crossfit

daniel has been a good coffeeshop companion this week. he had a lot of work to get done for planning for his first week back teaching and also has been sketching for new art ideas.

saturday 7 of us chicago zine kids rode up in a van to madison for the madison zine fest.


i read comics most of the way. a few of my comrades bound/stapled their zines. we all listened to green day.
van ride

madison was so beautiful. i had no idea! if i wanted to live in a small town, i would definitely think of going to madison.
beautiful madison

chicago crew

it was sort of hard to navigate construction and the campus that the zine fest was housed in, but we made our way there, and early too.
chicago crew

johnny found a cart and considered using it to cart all our zine stuff to the fest.

my view for the day. the fest was small and in the library of the college. it was actually better attended than i expected.
my view for the day

we brought leftover baked goods from our chicago zine fest bake sale earlier in the week and made friends by giving them away for free. that's got to be cheating or something, right?


we got real cozy and pushed our tables all together. cute, i know. i tabled with jim joyce, of "or let it sink". sara drake, of "arty party". neil brideau of "oh boy, comics." leslie perrine of "it's story time". johnny misfit of "the muse, the news and the noose". and dave roche of "on subbing" and "about my disappearance".

sara and neil

we've had the strangest light these days. super atmospheric, glowing skies with weird dark clouds that change color every ten minutes.
more strange light

after 7 hours of sitting behind tables, our chicago crew grew by a couple more people, and we all agreed to head to milwaukee to eat at an awesome restaurant called palomino, where you can pretty much get any food fried. yikes.
chicago zinester crew

dave looking all cool and relaxed

we played madlibs the entire drive from madison to milwaukee. madlibs are only fun/funny when you're in the right mood, and considering we'd all been stuck behind tables for so long, having awkward conversations with strangers, drinking coffee all day, and not really having eaten since very early in the morning, it was the perfect stir-crazy combination for hilarious madlibbing. we were all crying from laughing so hard.

at palomino, eating food that's very bad for us. except for dane. i met dane this weekend. we've been penpalling a little bit thanks to my zine. i like meeting strangers that i have previously corresponded with in writing. it's always sufficiently awkward and fun.
dinner in milwaukee

dinner in milwaukee

we played exquisite corpse while waiting for our food.
exquisite corpse

sunday, i found rover looking at me like he hated life. i think he's dreading winter too.
dreading winter

i met up with a random girl who wanted to interview me for a writing for magazines class. she wanted to do an article about zine culture, so she asked me all about how i got into making zines, what i do with my art, and about organizing the chicago zine fest. she was really nice!

then i went to a few sunday art openings with daniel.

our friend caitlin had this little show on a porch!

the show was called 'what it is'

then we just walked around because it's pretty out. i think we hung out a lot this week to make up for the entire summer that he was gone. it's nice to have my best friend back.

bright light

more totally surreal light
most beautiful days

after getting dinner we went to the wormhole again. that's where i started drawing the sailing picture, and he finished up teacher planning for the next day when he would start his photography program.
drawing at wormhole

then we impulsive got late night burritos and went to my house and watched project runway. best friends are good.

monday, yesterday, was a normal workday. in the evening i just caught up on little things and zine orders, and went to the gym. daniel was at the gym too. here he is watching the chaos of the class before us. it's pretty fascinating to watch the workouts because they're timed and people are just flying.
watching the storm

yesterdays workout was 6 cleans, 12 pullups, 24 double unders. i can't do double unders yet (jump rope where the rope swings under your feet twice during every jump) so i had to do 72 single unders. it was a 10 minute workout, where you do as many rounds as you can possibly fit within 10 minutes. i was able to fit in 4 rounds, and then up to 3 single unders of the 5th round, but not a complete fifth round. it was brutal. i was shaking afterwards. it didn't help that i had taken two weeks off prior.... haha. i was proud of myself for doing 55 pound cleans. i had mostly been doing the bar before, which is 45 pounds.
crossfit chicago

after our workout we got sultans! always delicious.
I've Got It And It's Not Worth Having - Boyracer
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On October 5th, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC), postbox commented:
So great!
* * *
On October 6th, 2010 12:20 am (UTC), stevefromchi commented:
I really liked On Subbing. I need to pick up more of that his work.
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On October 6th, 2010 01:22 am (UTC), xambush_bugx commented:
Dave Roche!!

I knew him in portland....and then philly....he has a sweet signature dance move....
[User Picture]
On October 6th, 2010 01:45 am (UTC), ramseysux replied:
i bet we know all sorts of the same people, more so than facebook lets on.

did you live in portland?
[User Picture]
On October 6th, 2010 07:46 pm (UTC), xambush_bugx replied:
punk is a small town.

and yes I briefly called portland home..for about 6 months.. in 2002.....

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On October 6th, 2010 01:56 am (UTC), i_nvr_say_nvr commented:
I went to Madison for the first time this summer. I was surprised at how rad it is!
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On October 6th, 2010 04:24 am (UTC), conradjarrett commented:
ha, i must have just missed you on Saturday!some friends & i went for an epic bike ride around Milwaukee county & we all went to palomino for fried pickles on our way back.

'On Subbing' is probably one of my favorite books/zines of all time.

looking forward to seeing you up here in November! has the date been set?

[User Picture]
On October 6th, 2010 04:25 am (UTC), ramseysux replied:
yep! nov. 12 and 13th.
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