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Hi! I realized I have over 200 Lj friends still and only like 10 people actively write so I have no real perspective on how many people are reading my friends only posts. In my head it’s just the handful of people who still write.

I’m going to make a filter and start posting to that - so if you’re a lurker and want to keep reading, make yourself known and I’ll include you in the filter. I just want to know who I’m writing to! I’m a lot less of an open book to the wide world of strangers as I get older.

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FYI - here’s my occasional non friends-only post to anyone who sees it to say that YES! I’m still writing in my lj and you should too. Add me to see friends-only posts.

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One of these days I'll update my lj! Totally failed my once a week New Years resolution.
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I never put up a friends-only page, so here's that.


I still regularly post my photo blogs publicly over at http://www.everydaypants.com

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Hey y’all! I'm having a sale on zines and books. If you go to my etsy shop now and enter in coupon code THANKSPAL you can get 20% off your order. 

I generally think holiday buying is kinda weird, especially around Thanksgiving, but buying your friends comics and zines for the holidays is always a cool gift! And, selling things for cheaper around now is cool too. 

Thanks for your support! Selling my zines and my book, Year One, in my etsy shop now.


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Y'all. I just signed on after a great weekend to read all these posts where people have found resolution or have come to conclusions about things they've been grappling with and everyone seems to have come to a positive turning point all at once. Mercury is out of retrograde or some shit.

Congrats. <3

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so I went ahead and did a kickstarter for year one? help me out? reblog like crazy?




I guess I should describe the project since I haven't talked about it much on my livejournal. As some of you might know, I’ve been working on my first novel-length comic book for the duration of the past year. My book is called Year One, and through weekly vignettes, illustrates my entire first year living in Philadelphia, after a significant move from Chicago. In some pages, my weekly activities are illustrated. In others, just a pertinent conversation. Year One was drawn in real time, finishing 2-3 pages as every week went by. I’ve spent hundreds of hours working on this project over the last year and am very excited to get it out into the world in the form of my very first book! Prior to this project, the longest comic i had ever drawn was 6 pages long. Year One is 136 pages and will be offset printed and perfect bound at 8x10 inches. It is 100% complete from front cover to back cover (and scanned, cleaned up, edited, edited again, and sized for printing. I literally just need to hit send and fork over a deposit to the printer).

Year One uses a variety of storytelling formats to give an overall glimpse into a year in the life of a late twenty-something year old, trying to figure out her place as a young artist outside of the post-college years. It is lighthearted, somber, lonely, funny, and quiet. It shows the number of people who come and go throughout a year, new love, old romance, loss and grief, and more generally, the search for a sense of self.

You can read it for free online at http://www.everydaypants.com/yearone but it would be way more fun for you to read it in print.

Also it would be rad if you helped me out by posting about this somewhere too!

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Hey! I finally got around to putting List 15 and Everydaypants #2 on-line for sale. I mean, right here.

List 15 is $4.
This issue is about moving to a new city to try to move on from a past relationship and to try to find a place that feels like home. It's about new figuring myself out, saying goodbye to the past, and opening new chapters. Some list samples are: big plans, things i miss/don't miss about chicago, being a confident introvert, adventures in dating, all the things that have happened since list 14, traits i admire in other people, how i ended up in a relationship, the things i think are most important, places i've been and what i remember about them, and many more!

preview pagesCollapse )

Everydaypants #2 is $3.
I drew all of these comics throughout the year 2011, for various things, and wanted to see them all in one place and in print! This includes a selection of pages from a 115 page, long-term comic series I've been working on about my first year in Philadelphia (to be printed at the end of 2012).
Everydaypants #2 is filled with short comics about music, diy, nannying, and moving to a new city.
This is 24 pages, black and white, and saddle stitched!
preview pagesCollapse )

If you wanna order one, you can paypal monies to everydaypants@gmail.com or send me an email (everydaypants@gmail.com) if you want to order through the mail, and I'll give you my address. Non-creepers only, thanks.

It's also for sale on my etsy, but if you wanna just buy through me directly it saves me dumb etsy fees and I won't charge for shipping. How about that?

If you prefer etsy, however, my etsy shop is at http://everydaypants.etsy.com

Re-blogs would be rad/helpful. Thanks buddies.
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i've been absent from lj world because my tumblr has been more fun lately. but i'm posting this here (and everywhere). rover had a little tumor in his ear that had to be removed. it was non-invasive surgery and he went through it like a champ, but it was super expensive.
rov is doing well. he just doesn't quite have a grasp on this e-collar. he keeps running into things.

after some prodding from friends, i made a chip-in for rover's surgery. if you feel compelled to help me pay for this dumb surgery, i’ll send you something handmade back in the mail, whether it’s just a nice letter, a thank you card, a photo, a drawing, some zines, etc.

here’s how:


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i've still been regularly posting my Year One comics! i posted two new pages this morning, and they're my favorite pages I've drawn so far (even though i've drawn 25 more pages since them)


i've also been continuing to make my picture posts over there. i miss the comments/community of livejournal but now livejournal is even spotty about loading, and still filled with spam. siiiigh.


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