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bok choi, spinach, and mustard greens all of the above plus a…

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bok choi, spinach, and mustard greens

all of the above plus a lettuce mix

all of the above plus strawberries

plus raddichio

a bounty of kale
Photo 91

an even bigger bounty
Photo 92

our first red tomatoes
Photo 104

the first red cherry tomato
Photo 105

one summer squash before we caught the blight
Photo 116

the cherry tomatoes start pouring in
Photo 123

the first heirloom tomato and broccoli
Photo 136

Photo 140

here they come
Photo 141

our pattypan squash fought off the blight and kept them coming throughout the summer
Photo 143

eggplants didn't do so well. i think they were being shadowed by the giant tomato plants nearby
Photo 151

almost as big as my head
Photo 149

Photo 154

Photo 161

this is when we started to freak out and make lots of spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce
Photo 168

Photo 166

this cute little guy. poor eggplants. this was the last of them.
Photo 169

collagen lips
Photo 173

aggh! remember that these pics are being taken about once a week!
Photo 178

Photo 180

ahh, theres one more i forgot about
Photo 183

Photo 187

i had forgotten to keep taking kale pics as we brought it in. we would pick it for each meal over the summer.
Photo 188

patty panner
Photo 193

one bell pepper. some of pepper plants were engulfed in tomato plants and didn't get a chance to grow until i moved them late in the summer. oops. this is the only bell pepper we got as a result
Photo 191

other types of peppers
Photo 197

and the last of it, which i picked today. we'll probably get a few more small broccoli shoots, and some kale leaves here and there, and a few more big heirloom tomatoes. what a successful season! next year i'm getting more squash and more eggplant! i'm determined.
Photo 200
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On November 9th, 2009 05:09 am (UTC), evilmannequine commented:
this is really unbelievable to me. I'm super jealous.
I haven't had any real gardening luck, ever. But I've never gotten the opportunity to give it my all, either. I've always just had porch gardens, except for one time (two times? now I don't remember) when I had a community garden plot. It was hard to get myself all the way over there to water and weed frequently enough and I really didn't know what I was doing, either.
I might try again next summer, or give it a rest for a few years. I'm not sure. Last summer I just planted flowers. I got so busy though, that by the end of sumemr they were all dead from lack of watering. It was sad. But pretty much, for the last six months solid, I have been booked just about every minute of the day from dawn until past dusk. So that's my excuse!

ANyway, that all looks super delicious.
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