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there are moments when i know the world revolves around us, and we're keeping it in its delicate balance.

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hi journal. how are you?

today was a pretty good day. i managed to be happy. it was sunny out today too. i think that had something to do with it. sunny and cold. i love it.

today i rode a city bus. i love public transportation. i dont know why. mmmm cities.

we went to the baltimore musuem of art for my art matters class. we had to meet there. which is why i took the bus with other girls in my class. none of had exact change and we were obviously beginners. it costs $1.60. we went to the sculpture garden as a class and our teacher talked about the architecture of the bma as a building and then we wandered around the sculpture garden and sketched. we have to pick one piece of art at the bma to become 'intimate' with and we have to go visit it several times and get to know it, while writing 3 separate papers about it. thats kind ofa neat assignment. sculpture gardens are cute on sunny days.

in my elements class earlier today we had a critique and i think it went very well for me. before i even hung up my picture another drawing led to our teacher saying 'i think it would be very interesting if a whole drawing was done in tape' which mine was!! and in the next round of critique i hung mine up and it was weird because it was what he said would be interesting to see. anyway. so that was cool.

both of my classes got out atleast an hour early. thats a very nice feeling. i started my drawing assignment which is due in two days. we have to draw something alive. i'm doing leaves but theyre quickly shriveling up and dieing under my lighting. i hope i can show that in a drawing because that would be neat.

tonight katya and i visited corey in his dorm to see his painting and talk about music. its so great that the two separate groups of guy friends we've made just all happened to be roommates. we became good friends with corey. and then separately we became friends with daniel and joe. and they all live together. so while visiting corey i visited daniel and joe and we were strategizing about how to get to the cursive show in dc. we need to find bus and metro prices. hmmmm. that would be really fun. i'm glad i know them now because theyre both in my emac (computer) class which i have tomorrow and it will make class much more fun from now on. yay for cool boys that like the same music as me.

i also figured out airplane tickets because i'm coming home october 17 at 5pm until october 21 at 2pm. my dad was going to come get me because he flies but i guess he couldnt get coverage for work. damn freaking hospitals and babies needing to be delivered. sigh. oh well. i'm still able to come home. i'll just have to figure out an airport all alone, something i definitely have not done. i've been in a big airport twice in my life,both time in big groups that told me where to go.

this livejournal entry has definitely been too long i'm sorry.

wasnt the oc freaking dramatic tonight? phew. i cant wait until the fall season starts in october. adam did you watch? they lied and said they were going to a comicbook convention.. sounds like someone i know. geek....
Itsudemo Kokoniiru - Eastern Youth
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On September 16th, 2003 09:37 pm (UTC), ovenmitt_37 commented:
oh god, you've gotten sucked in too?
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On September 17th, 2003 01:33 pm (UTC), wonderfulwacko replied:
EVERYONE has been sucked in...

haha ramsey....austin likes the o.c., too.

he was afraid to admit it to me.

and damn man, seth is pretty freaking hot. so dont diss the geeks.

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