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we like to party

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i've had lots of good days all in a row. this is getting to be okay.

today i talked to kieran online and he told me to come over! so i grabbed nat and we went to 1534 to hizzang.

i didnt expect to stay that long but we ended up staying until 4.30am, kieran is one of my new favorite people.

i was originally going to hear music that he liked. we got there and watched the movie 'gummo' which was a really good movie. there wasnt a plot. but it was very interesting.

several people were in and out including sam and that one other guy... i forgot his name, all of kierans housemates, including all the upstairs ones. their house is really like a big house, they all hang out and stuff, our house is very much like 3 separate apartments. its a very different feel.

so nat and i knitted a whole lot while kieran showed us good music. we layed around and talked, we laughed a lot, i dressed up in a dinosaur costume which was totally cool, we looked at his yearbook, we downloaded an annie lennox song that we were trying to figure out forever and then we downloaded the we like to party song because the wedgie song reminded me of it. we knitted a whole lot more. mallory from upstairs is hilarious and she hung out more towards the end of the night. we made pb&j's at 4am, and then we all became delirious from lack of sleep and laughed some more.

kieran looks hott in girl pants. mmmm girl pants on guys is the best.

and i'm still up at 5am and very not tired. maybe i'll write a letter! i really need lined paper.
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On September 27th, 2003 08:26 am (UTC), erin_ commented:
weird.. i know a guy names Karan.. almost the same spelling and..and we have been staying up until 4 every night since thursday i think
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On September 28th, 2003 05:00 pm (UTC), loveandbemerry commented:
Where did he get a dinosaur costume!!! You MUST find this out for me.
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