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don't you say a word unless you're pretty sure that you want it analyzed

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today was pretty fun. i slept in late because i stayed up so late last night. then i went to salvation army and trader joes with kieren and his room/housemates barry and mallory. it was a good time. i bought a tan (light brown) polo shirt which will be cool when i sew it, and brown yarn! yay.

kieren bought a pink sleeper thing, with the footies. he's funny.

later on i came here and made good food. guessing how to cook is fun. then i worked on homework for a bit and daniel came over and me him and olivia just talked for a while. kieren came over and gave us a no parking sign to hang on our wall, he also brought over two of his friends from a different school. they seemed nice. then everyone left and olivia went to bed and now i'm actually getting homework done.

i should really work on sleeping. i've been doing very little of it this week.


All the Photographs-The Sea and Cake
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