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hi. things have been so much fun lately.

my friends here are the best! they make me laugh just as much as my friends at home and i'm actually happy here now. not just content or getting by or not thinking, i'm happy..

this weekend consisted of!

movie club

a sleepover on friday night at my house with ben, kieran, and nat.

a sleepover on saturday night at kierans house with ben, kieran, and nat.

a sleepover on sunday night at my house with kieran.

a homework party sunday night where we watched the movie dancer in the dark with bjork in it.

garage saleing on saturday morning.

hanging out in fells point with my favorite online friends from md on saturday.

davids surprise party on saturday.


lots of painting.

two more visits from the MD online boys.

and thats that. tonight we started assassins!! for those of you who dont know, assassins is a game where you have a big group of people, they all get paired up, so each person is an assassin and has a target they have to 'kill', kill by getting water on them somehow. you can only kill with no more than three witness' present so it cant be in a crowd. once you kill your target, you kill who their target was supposed to be and so on. so its a game of survival, who can kill the most without being killed. it makes you really paranoid because your best friends could end up having you and you trust that you're just hanging out with them and they can turn around and kill you. once you get down to people you know, you have to kill them with no witnesses so you ahve to get them alone.

tonight i killed a girl named alex while she was sleeping. her target ended up being my roommate katya so i came home and killed ever-so-trusting katya. kieran has already killed like 7 people, so has ben, but he accidently killed a wrong person so now he's on the wanted list and anyone at all can kill him so tomorrow he's so going down haha.

people are going to die.

i love you guys
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On October 7th, 2003 04:17 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
This one time, at band camp.....

haha, just kidding. Assassins is an awesome game. I played it at a summer camp last year, 21 kills in three days. I even waited on the roof of the counselors cabin for three hours to get this guy. You should try to make it a baltimore wide, mutli-campus game. I would totally kill everyone...

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On October 7th, 2003 05:39 pm (UTC), dannyray commented:
That is the coolest fucking game I have ever heard about!
Holy Shit that is sweet. I am totally going to remember that once I go to college, oh man, that's so awesome, you are my hero Ramsey. Kill'em ALL!!
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