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this strange change in atmosphere and in gravity too

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people tell me i havent been writing in here enough. its because i've been having lots of fun and a lot less livejournal time. yay =0)

yesterday was a good day. i had elements and art matters. my worst day of the week, so i'm glad thats over. its not a bad day, its just the worst day i have. the longest.

afterwards i went to dinne with olivia and katya and we had to go to some meeting for all the clubs, and since our movie club is an official club now we went there and picked up our budget so now we have money to rent movies. heck yeah.

afterwards i was bored and avoiding doing homework so i went with kieran to stop by daniels house. on the way there i saw my dream bike, its soo cool. its a vintage schwinn, maroon with yellow and offwhite trim. so coool. we hung at daniels for a bit so kieran could return his cds and i saw cory and joe too. i love all those guys so much. so cool.

after that we stopped by bens to give him a picture cd and i decided i would go assassinate my target because she lived in kierans house. so we headed down there, i took her out pretty easily. and so began our night of crazy assassins.

i got my next target from her, and both mine and kierans targets were in the same house so we decided we'd just go try to get them. we used the middle floor to let us into the house instead of going directly to our targets, which was a bad move, because a girl came out with a bottle of water and a very suspicious look on her face, she was actingn all innocent. so we started backing up slowly and asking paranoid questions about why she had a bottle, and we told he we were just trying to get to the others rooms in her house, so we decided to trust her and kieran took one step forward and she swung her arm out and water flew at him. he jumped back just in time and took off down the street.

so out walks charlie, bens roommate, asking what happened and the girl was mad because she was so close to killing kieran. so i asked her her name and she started getting all paranoid because charlie was there, and he told her he was dead so she didnt ahve to worry. so she turned around to look for kieran and charlie dumps his water bottle on her. because, of course, she was charlies target and he's a smooth liar. =0) sooo of course, this means charlie now has kieran for a target and kieran doesnt know because he thinks his assassin is still alive. soo i bringn charlie down to kierans house andn try to lure kieran out but he was too smart for that and pulled me into his house and slammed the door while charlie was hiding inthe bushes. haha so kieran and i hid out in his room for a long time being really paranoid with squirt guns in hand, several people tried to get in but we had the door bolted and an eyehole to see out. we had a little fortress. we're badass. but eventually, we couldnt hold out any longer. this huge group of people plowed through this door that is never used, that has beds in front of it, and charlie ran through and got kieran. so then i see a girl with a cup of water and i freaked out because i had no idea who my assassin was so i took off down the hall and into this back bedroom that was empty and dark and slammed the door. the girl stood on the otherside trying to pull it open so we were pulling against eachother. and finally she got the help of someone else and i died. siiigh the war is over. there are only about 10 assassins left. maybe less by now but the game has turned into 'no witnesses' so now you have to get the person entirely alone to kill them. this game is so much fun! i want to play again so bad.

after the assassin craziness we all layed around at bens and chilled, nat and ben did homework, kieran and i just hung out and looked at some japanese street fashion book and it was really cool. kieran is the mizzan like whizzoa.

so we were all laying around and olivia called and reanna was spending the night at our apartment so we just decided to have a sleepover at bens, which is the best.

college is fun.

tonight the online boys might stop by. plus daniel and i are going to homework party it up because we have lots of drawing homework.

one week until i come home. home is like a dream
Strange-Built To Spill
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On October 8th, 2003 06:32 pm (UTC), dannyray commented:
Damn do I love that game!
Holy crap is that awesome, I love it!
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