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panther is coming....

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apparently, even knitting can become a dirty joke. as daniel discovered when he was trying to describe the motions of the stitch. knitting is so much fun. knitting club has gotten huge, atleast 30 kids, and there are several guys now. theyre very masculine guys too so its great. we're definitely getting the skull and cross needle t-shirts and theyre going to say 'knit or die' and we're blasting metal from now on at meetings. we also briefly discussed full contact knitting with needles in hand. hmmmm....

we were informed this week by the princeton review that MICA students have the same workload as yale students. interesting....

yesterday i tried to watch lord of the rings for the first time with kieran. it didnt work. i kept falling asleep because i was very sleepy, which i am every day, and his bed is very comfortable and warm. mmmmm beds.... haha =0)

tonight michael moore is giving a lecture at johns hopkins. lots of kids are going but i am not. i'm going to use it as an opportunity for a friends-free night to get homework done. i hope that actually works...

mmmm speaking of friends, i get to see all of mine in exactly one week. actually, in exactly one week from this exact time i will still be boarding the plane. so exactly one week from a few hours from now. way to be exact ramsey.

also, speaking of friends, kieran is afraid we will all get sick of eachother if we hang out too much. we hang out a lot but i like it. a very close group of friends is exactly what i needed to stop missing home and certain people way too much. thanks guys

im about to go to workstudy, where i may or may not give my first solo tour. tours are fun. i love having that much influence on someones big decision. i remember last year, the tour of the school and my tourguides we're a huge reason i came to mica. brainwashing kids is fun....... and not very hard at all because mica is great =0)

home home home home is where i almost am. i cant wait to see all of you. its going to be weirdly sweet and amazing.
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On October 10th, 2003 10:16 am (UTC), erin_ commented:
michael moore is coming to our school.. but i don't think i will go either...hehe
On October 10th, 2003 10:30 am (UTC), puppytron replied:
Ramsey! come to GR to see the Keen!!!! Friday!!! yay!
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On October 11th, 2003 12:14 am (UTC), dannyray commented:
haha, you sound like you are having so much fun out there.
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