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everything that keeps me together is fallin apart

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i think i'm emotion-less. i'm back to just existing which is the worst feeling. i just go day by day just to get it done with. sure i've had lots of fun times this week, but overall i dont feel like anything and i hate it so much.

the big halloween party is tonight. i'm going as a MICA student ID. everyone loves this idea. art school kids are fun. Nath is going as the blue screen of death from windows 98, the one that pops up when you have an error and says to push ctrl alt delete. you know. ben is going as a paper oragami crane. we will be an awesome trio. kieran may or may not come back to school for the halloween party. he hasnt come home from fall break yet which ended on sunday... i feel like he doesnt care to be friends anymore. i dont know why.

the cold weather has been nice. i have lots of sweaters now and i've been knitting scarfs like crazy. we also went thrifting at a very large thrift store where everything is half off on wednesdays and saturdays. (which strangely reminds me of a dashboard confessional song whom i havent listened to in a very long time. maybe i will today just because) i bought a little kids yellow winter hat, in baby yellow, with a little raccoon on it. i also bought two shirts. i've been good about not buying too much this year.

this weekend i want to go to the paper moon diner. i've wanted to since i got here. its a 24hr diner owned and run by a MICA grad. it has old toys and things glued all over and i hear its very neat.

we dont have sleepovers anymore.

oh yeah, we got our knitting shirts. they are very hott.

speaking of hott (i love transitions!) i wore my hair down and straight yesterday and it was fun and i'd like to do it more often but i know i probably wont because its way too much effort ot make my hair straight and hott and braids are just simple and fun. one day i will grow up and not be 'the girl with the braids'. one day..

last night for movie club we watched the movies white, blue, and red. theyre a set. i was awake for all of white and it was a very very good movie. i was awake for half of blue and it was a very very good movie. i wish i had been awake for the rest of it. i always fall asleep during movies at night. i'm seen so many movies halfway because of this.

last night ben made me spaghetti. my friends here always make and offer me food. its a very very nice thing. i need to make food more often so i can offer it to them back!

i hate when i finish reading a book because i want more. i feel like i've lost really good friends the second i read the last sentence. books are so funny. for me atleast. i become so involved with the characters. i feel like i know them so well. good books atleast. and when its over its sad.

i need to make my halloween costume now, and take a shower. and eat food. and figure out how i feel about life...
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On October 25th, 2003 12:27 pm (UTC), dannyray commented:
I can't see and like anyone else in braids but you, honestly, You are the only girl that looks good in braids, to me, anyway. Oh and I totally know what you mean by the finishing a book thing. You should knit me some underwear.. haha, j/k.
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