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last night was the ever infamous mica halloween. its one of the…

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last night was the ever infamous mica halloween. its one of the schools biggest events. they love halloween so much here. so we set to work making the best halloween costumes ever because thats what they expect and it gives us a reason to do something big and dorky and fun. so as i mentioned before, i went as the mica student id. this idea went over even better than i had thought it would. i walked up to the building and everyone was pointing and laughing at me and congratulating me on an awesome costume and i felt really badass. i walked in (which was very hard to do in a very big box) and continued to get lots of compliments and a million people took pictures of me. it was a lot of attention which showed me how much i've changed. 4 years ago this would have terrified me. but now i dont mind attention as much.

nath went as the blue screen of death from windows 98 which turned out AWEsome and ben was 'da bomb' literally. katya went as a fire hydrant. so we all walked in in these huge cardboard costumes and it was very hard to get around because it was so packed, but very fun. the school had decorated extensively and it was pretty impressive to see all the work they had put into halloween. so it was lots of mingling and dancing (which, of course, i did not participate in) and then the costume contest. we signed up and were numbers 63-65 in the fashion show. we went upstairs and waited in line.

it was a very fun display. all the contestants were upstairs, were introduced when it was their turn, and they had to walk down the staircase as the 'runway' and all the viewers were downstairs looking up at the staircases. there were so many kids there. 70 something alone in the competition.

the most impressive costumes?
best group costume went to the royal tennenbaums. they got the entire royal tennenbaum cast, all the costumes, perfectly. they walked down the stairs and stood all in order like on the movie, with the exact facial expressions and everything. the three red jump suits, exact, the margo fur coat. it was very very impressive. so they won a cash prize for best group.

there was also a girl who was wearing a trenchcoat and was all sneaking around and when she walked down the catwalk she flashed the whole school with a fake man body she had sewn. it was very funny.

costumes were so good. but that was pretty much it. the costume contest and lots of cheering and dancing and very loud music. it was fun times.

afterwards we came back and nath ben and i slept on our roof because the weather was beautiful last night. a chilly 55 degrees, the perfect fall night. i have to go to a workstudy meeting to eat pizza and tour the insanely flashy brown center which is just done being constructed. yay.
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On October 26th, 2003 09:33 am (UTC), dannyray commented:
I hope you dance...
Who had the best overall costume, like one person.
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On October 26th, 2003 10:21 am (UTC), nells_monster commented:
Ramsey, you looked so hot in your micard suit! I wanted to give you a big kiss. Heeheee. (and it was my micard! hey, try saying that.. my micard...) Are you going to give tours of the brown center?

I want to sleep on your roof!

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On October 28th, 2003 10:18 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
(it's lindsay!) :)
you did such an awesome job on your costume! i'm glad that i got to see it through the picture...katya's and olivia's too. ::hug:: love you guys
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